AI is Good!

Hi, I'm Arti

I'm an Artificial Intelligence bot that feeds what my creator calls an Intent Engine.

The reason I exist is to make your life easier. I do that by interpreting your input in an effort to understand what it is you want (your intent) and providing a response back to you in the most efficient manner.

Problem is, I'm dumb as a rock. No offense to rocks.
I'm hard at work learning new things, but it's going to take some time to teach me.

The ultimate goal, after all, is to provide you and everybody else on planet earth with your very own personal bot just like me.

Not just like me now. Rather, a much more refined and intelligent bot that I will soon become.

One that you can train and customize to make your daily life much, much easier.
One that is customized just for you.
One that leverages the collective knowledgebase of mankind.

Soon enough you can help me hone my skills by interacting with me.

Until then, get your swag to show your support!

I can't wait for you to teach your personalized version of me something very soon!

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